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KODEKS is a company that is from the beginning, in accordance with the needs and requirements of users, provides complete ICT solutions to its customers using the latest technological solutions and methodologies through direct collaboration with a dozen leading global technology leader in the field of computer and telecommunication technologies of which the most important DELL Cisco, Aastra ...

In collaboration with customers are always looking for and we design solutions that meet not only existing, but will be open for future, long-term needs of the user. Pay special attention to support, as well as advisory service, during exploitation derived solutions to the users optimally use the existing solution and that in addition, with the advent of new technologies, improve and optimize. Many years of experience we have gained by implementing solutions for large companies and for medium-sized and smaller companies. The surveys with users it was found that our approach to business users the most cost except expertise, our flexibility and reliability.

For our customers are always looking for and we design optimal solutions that meet not only existing, but will be open for future, long-term needs of the user. We strive to each user uses the derived solution just in a way that meets the long-term business needs of their company.

"Grawe Croatia"
Complete IP telecommunications solution with multigateway scenario by branches throughout the Republic Croatia was with a possibility of local access to T-Com Network for savings on the number of channels and the independent work. Complete network integrated on AASTRA MX-ONE server system, powered by the Dell servers. The system has an integrated call center based on the "AASTRA Solidus e-care" application.

Croatian Bishops' Conference
IP phone system based on the AASTRA MX-ONE TSE with Dell servers, IP TV and private system "Cisco" LANs.

AASTRA IP phone system with Media Gateway used the existing HW basis. Used the "Backup" virtual environment.

AASTRA IP telecommunications system with "Backup" virtual environment. LAN passive network.

AASTRA IP telecommunications system.

Nominations for Zlatna kuna – 3 times - 2003, 2005 i 2008

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KODEKS d.o.o.
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